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Kideosyncrasy Earning Rave Reviews from Physicians, Nutritionists, School Principals, Fitness Instructors and KIDS!

“My 9 year old and 3 year old daughters both love this DVD! We had some friends over and the boys were doing it too! You have made a very accessible, enjoyable and motivating product! I also like that you used regular kids.

Julie Barondes
Florence, MA

“Kideosyncrasy is great fun for elementary school kids and filled with common sense messages about good nutrition. This is the perfect video for dance parties, play dates, and classroom breaks or anytime kids get together to have a good time. It’s also highly inspirational on those rainy days when it’s hard to get out and get moving.”

Susan McQuillan, M.S., R.D.
Nutritionist New York City

“My boy’s (ages 7 & 5) received the Kideosyncrasy DVD as a gift. They love it. I never imagined that our boys would get so much enjoyment out of a “dance” DVD. They are not simply sitting and watching, but rather up and moving. (I am getting a little tired of rearranging the living room all the time, but it’s worth it) They tell their friends all about it, and invite them over to “do the dancing DVD”. Both my husband and I are thoroughly impressed. Thank you.”

Ellen Eifert
Atlanta, GA

“The couch potato, do nothing syndrome of children is now meeting a formidable challenge. Kideosyncrasy combines what children gravitate today, that is music, video, and television and transforms them into positive elements for beneficial development. Kideosyncrasy is a delightful, enjoyable and engaging activity that enables children to develop co-ordination, gross motor, and cardiovascular, social, and rhythmic skills. In a simple and fun to take part in activity. It is also a fun family activity for adults to share with their children.”

Tom Pesce’ Principal
Stratfield Elementary School
Fairfield, CT

“My resolutions for 2004 are to eat healthier and to dance more. I got a Kideosyncrasy DVD for Christmas. It makes you want to get your groove on. It’s cool, exciting, and really fun!”

Lucy Moon Fitzsimons (age 10)
Fairfield, CT.

“I have recently purchased your video and was impressed with the content and quality. I have been a physical educator for 19 years now and am always looking for new and exciting ways to encourage my students to be active. I plan on using your video in my classroom and would like to eventually have my students create their own performance. The incidence of obesity in our country is on the rise, and most discouragingly so in our youth. I am glad you have chosen to try and do something about this.”

Kim Bohannon
Physical Educator
Trumbull, CT

“The rise in obesity in our children today has largely to do with society’s promotion of the sedentary lifestyle. By teaching our kids at an early age the benefits of physical fitness, we make a huge impact on their health later in life. Kideosyncrasy is a fun, interactive, and wonderfully interactive way to teach your child the value of exercise and nutrition – while having fun doing it!”

Diana Sclari, CPT
Fitness Professional

“Far too many children do not receive enough exercise. This is one of the reasons many children are overweight. Exercise is one key ingredient of a healthy life. The Kideosyncrasy DVD/video is a great program to get our kids active and moving.”

Dr Charles A. Woods MD F.A, A.P
Dr. Robert J. Hobbies, MD

“ We saw an article on Kideosyncrasy in the paper and went right out to buy it. I just want to say you have an awesome product! The kids are great and it is so much fun!”

Heather Bateson
Easton, Md