Volume 1 Reviews

IParenting Media Awards
A Distinguished Winner

August 2006
Alvin All - Chief Executive Officer

“We are honoring Kideosyncrasy Volume 1 with an iParenting Media Award for the 2006 Outstanding Products Call” Award Website

A Parents Choice Award Winner
October 2005
Susan Sullivan
Parents’ Choice Foundation

“The kids in the video are friendly, real, and obviously enjoying the project. The subtle emphasis on social skills as well as physical movement is refreshing. The DVD follows the "exercise video" format--warm up, stretching, workout-and throws in regular tips about drinking water, stopping if something hurts, etc. but the kids in street clothes and tips and background information about the dances in "pop-ups" makes the DVD feel more like a music video.”

The National Parenting Center
April, 2004
David Katzner - President

"It's official, American Idol is not a passing phase, it's here to stay. Whether or not your kids are watching we can assure you that when your kids see the Kideosyncrasy kids having as much fun as they appear to be having on this video, they will want to join in. This video is informative, well rehearsed and performed. The energy of the performers is undeniable and the dances they showcase are super. There are some very stylish and outrageous show stoppers, each of whom not only entertain, but encourage your kids to follow along with easy directions to a great variety of dance steps."

Presidentís Council on Physical Fitness and Sports
August, 2004
Melissa Johnson, M.S. Ė Executive Director

" I found it very well organized and a pleasure to view and experience the fun that both young and "young at heart" can experience in an easy to follow dance video. I think you touched upon each of the past decades too, so there was a little something for everyone! What a great way to catch up on different dance moves and reap the benefits of physical activity."

Prevention Guide - Fit & Healthy Kids
September, 2004

"Who says TV has to be passive entertainment? Kidsí fitness videos like Kideosyncrasy feature active kids who encourage your child to jump, sing, and learn hot dance moves like the hip-hop, twist, and jitterbug."

Child Magazine
October, 2004
Whatís Hot Now

"Dance, Dance, Dance! Getting kids off the couch is the aim of the latest group of exercise videos/DVDs. Kideosyncrasy is a high energy dance video that teaches kids the Twist, the Jitterbug, and other popular dances. Led by kids, the DVD gives step-by-step instructions and even has karaoke-style lyrics so children can sing along.

Childrenís Digest
August, 2004

"Are you interested in different types of dance and getting in shape? Then Kideosyncrasy is for you. This dance and exercise DVD/video is made for kids, and the dances are totally taught by kids. Itís also filled with good old common sense about nutrition and exercise. Kideosyncrasy is a great alternative for those rainy days when you might otherwise watch TV, play video games, or surf the net."

School Library Journal
October, 2004
Cynthia Grabke

"It achieves its main objective of motivating children to get off the couch and start moving by showing cool kids having fun dancing the twist, the jitterbug, and more. The charming youngsters are given entertaining props to invoke the mood of the dance, like cowboy hats and bandannas in the Western line dance. Hip MTV- style pop-up bubbles give advice and information during the dances, such as the importance of warming up. Since few aerobic dance videos exist for younger children, this production definitely fills a need. Use it in gym classes to introduce and interest children in dance, or at home to show kids a new way of exercising."

New York Post
January 24, 2004
Jacqueline Burt Wang

"Coax a couch potato off the divan with a kids' dance or exercise DVD, perfect for snowy or rainy days. A new one, 'Kideosyncrasy' (created by the parents of triplets) provides a lively romp to tunes like 'Let's Twist Again' complete with such props as chairs, feather boas and sunglasses, to keep things lively."

Connecticut Post
February 27, 2004
Katie Carroll

"Banking on many children's love of dancing, the duo [Warnick & Mulholland] created an exercise/dance video called 'Kideosyncrasy', for children ages 6 to 12. The team used music from the '50's, '60's and '70's to appeal to both parents and children so they would use the video together.

Fairfield Citizen News
January 14, 2004
Michele Herrmann

"It offers a good beat that children can dance to and, at the same time, get some exercise. Making the program fun helps to encourage children to follow along, using dance steps as a way to keep fit. Along with music and motion, 'Kideosyncrasy' offers simple health-related tips such as "exercise makes you feel good" and teaches children how to read nutrition labels."

The Advocate/Greenwich Time
April 12, 2004
Nadia Lerner

"While learning the rhythm with the steps, young viewers are guided by karaoke - style dance instructions - 'two to the front, two to the back, two to the front and clap, clap' - printed on the screen. The music video is a natural to encourage youngsters to exercise."

Star Democrat
June 9, 2004
Jamie McCoy

"The concept it seems, is definitely catching on. Kideosyncrasy recently was awarded the 2004 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and, in the midst of a nationwide movement to keep our kids healthy, the video is making media headlines more and more frequently."