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Fairfield, CT, November 2008
For Immediate Release

To Holiday/Special Sections Editors
Contact: Meredith Mulholland 203-367-5678

Give Kids the Gift of Fun and Fitness this Holiday Season

“Rock Your Body, Rock Your Mind” With New Kideosyncrasy Dance/Fitness DVD"

Fairfield, CT – Families looking for an easy, fun and inexpensive way to stay fit have a new, award-winning gift option this holiday season. Kideosyncrasy Vol.2 Getting the World in Shape One Kid at a Time ( is a fun tool for teaching kids to dance and get fit. This DVD is jam-packed with live-action; kids- teaching-kids how to easily step into fun dance moves to popular hits. With kids sharing important tips on nutrition and exercise, Kideosyncrasy promotes health and fitness in a fun, learning atmosphere.

“Kideosyncrasy offers kids a cool and easy way to get active and fit, in front of the TV,” says Meredith Mulholland, co-creator with husband, Ed Warnick. Their goal is a fun interactive way to get kids up and moving. “The children’s couch potato syndrome is now meeting a formidable challenge,” says Tom Pesce, principal at Stratfield Elementary School in Fairfield, Conn. “Kideosyncrasy transforms the media children gravitate to today, music, video, and television, into positive elements for beneficial development.” Kideosyncrasy uses karaoke-style dance lyrics that make it easy and fun for the whole family to learn classic dance steps like the Hand Jive and Jitterbug, as well as Hip-Hop, Line Dances, a basketball routine and more. “It’s exercise disguised as dance,” says Warnick, “Add parents, and put a new twist into family game night.”

Kideosyncrasy coincides with the national awareness of America’s youth fitness challenge. Elementary schools are embracing the ambitious goals of this DVD series, “Getting the World in Shape One Kid at a Time,” by using it gym classes. “As parents of triplet teenagers, we know how important it is for kids to be active and make healthy choices,” says Mulholland. ” It starts at the elementary school level to shape a lifestyle of health.”

Kideosyncrasy Vol.2 “rocks” to popular hits from the 50’s, 60’s,70’s and now. ”The Hand Jive and Cotton Eyed Joe dances…make a great case for breaking up a day in the classroom to stimulate bodies and brains.” says Laura Fries, Parents’ Choice 2008. As the original “Kideo Slide” Hip-Hop lyrics’ proclaim “Rock your body, rock your mind,” with music, dance, and simple healthy tips to make it easy and fun for kids to get fit.

Kideosyncrasy Volume 2, 2008 recipient of The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, a Parent's Choice award, iParenting Media "Outstanding Product", and endorsed by Kids First, Coalition for Quality Children's Media, is available for $19.99 at

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