Kideosyncrasy Is a Timely Approach to Issue of Children’s Fitness

Watch the “Twist” on this page!”

Kideosyncrasy’s tagline – “Getting the World in Shape One Kid at a Time” – embraces the ambitious goals of this home video/DVD series and coincides with national awareness of America’s youth fitness challenge.

The rate of out-of-shape, overweight, and even obese children continues to increase at an alarming rate. Today’s trend toward a sedentary lifestyle, of passively watching television, playing video games and “surfing” the internet, combined with unhealthy eating habits, has demonstrated clearly the negative impact contemporary cultural forces has had on children’s health.

  • According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), rates of obesity have doubled in children and tripled in adolescents over the last two decades. This has led to a sharp rise in Type II diabetes, and high cholesterol and other risk factors for heart disease.

  • Currently, more than 70% of children and youth are “not active enough to lay a solid foundation for future health and wellness,” according to Prevent (, which advocates prevention to reverse this alarming trend.

  • Experts in the fields of children’s health agree that preventing obesity in children ultimately involves eating less and being more physically active.

Kideosyncrasy promotes children’s fitness and nutrition in a new way: Its’ live-action, entertaining and educational format promotes health, teaches creativity, dance, nutrition and exercise. Kideosyncrasy offers kids a cool and easy way to get active and fit, in front of the TV!

Kideosyncrasy is a “how todance and exercise video/DVD series that’s made for kids and taught entirely by kids. It combines classic hits with step-by-step instructions that will get kids (and their parents!), up and dancing.

Kideosyncrasy uses exclusive on-screen Karaoke-style dance lyrics combined with rear-view teaching method to make it easy and fun for kids to learn classic steps like The Twist, The Jitterbug, The Hand Jive, The Cotton Eyed Joe, Country Western Line dances, Hip Hop, and more! The cast perform, then teach step by step each dance. By introducing “dance lyrics” (words on the bottom of the screen) which help kids learn rhythm, the kids in the cast count aloud the steps, and encourage the viewers to count along with them, i.e. “Two to the front, two to the back, two to the front and clap, clap.”

This interactive home video/DVD encourages the audience to stop, rewind, and start their favorites again, as needed to learn specific dance moves. The result – kids having fun while getting healthy exercise in front of the TV!

The classic hits from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and now (along with being hits the creators grew up with) is a timeless collection of upbeat, danceable, and fun to sing-along favorites.

Kideosyncrasy Volume 1 hits include: “Do You Love Me,” “The Name Game,” “Let’s Twist Again,” “Jump for My Love,” and more! For the ever-popular “Hip-Hop” number, “Dance, Dance, Dance” an original theme song, invites kids to “Get your heart pumping, get your muscles to jive, it’s electric, its fun, it’s so alive”!

Kideosyncrasy Volume 2 includes “Willie and the Hand Jive,” “Cotton Eyed Joe” “Good Lovin’,” and “The Kideo Slide,” an original cast favorite Hip Hop, which encourages kids to “Rock your body, rock your mind…”

The casting approach for Kideosyncrasy focused on finding kids with enthusiasm, personality and the love of having fun! Kideosyncrasy believes that all kids have their own rhythm, their own style, and can find heir own beat. This DVD series is targeting to all kids, no matter their ability.

Walter Schalk, a very talented choreographer, has over forty years experience working with children. He began dancing age nine and has performed in many TV shows including the Ed Sullivan Show and Frank Sinatra specials. He has choreographed dance sequences for ABC’s “Kids Are People Too,” Dick Clark’s promotion of the 50’s dances, and Off-Broadway productions. Through the Walter Schalk School of Dance in Wilton, CT., kids have enjoyed learning and performing a variety of dances in his unique style; his musical comedy classes are extremely popular for both girls and boys, ages second grade through high school.

Kideosyncrasy co-creators, husband and wife director/producer team, Ed Warnick and Meredith Mulholland, have worked successfully in the television and film industry for over 25 years. Ed, a writer/director/producer has lent his talents to feature films, television commercials, and professional videos. He currently runs his own production company; Warnick and Company, Inc. Meredith brings her well-rounded experience as a casting director, script supervisor and producer for many successful production companies in the industry. They have teenage triplets and know the importance of kids staying active and making healthy choices early in life. Together, their shared desire to produce quality educational and entertaining programming for children led them to create Kideosyncrasy.

Kideosyncrasy is dedicated to Joan Mulholland Stencil who was truly an inspiration and constant supporter of the idea. Her enthusiasm for life (she would often break into song and dance) was contagious. We lost Joan to breast cancer, but her passion lives on. Her daughter Meredith worked on the set of Kideosyncrasy as a second assistant director and is a constant reminder of her mother’s zest for life.