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At Kideosyncrasy.com, our slogan is “Getting The World In Shape One Kid At A Time”TM. Through interactive fun, we plan to make available to you a series of exciting new DVD/videos that promote wholesome, educational, entertainment the whole family will enjoy.

Kideosyncrasy is a live-action, interactive program that brings the music-and-movement, fun-and-fitness orientation of dance and exercise programs to the children’s segment of the home video/DVD market.

Volume #1 offers instructional dance to timeless hits from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and Now. Let’s Twist Again, The Name Game, Do You Love Me and Jump For My Love are a few of the fun and exciting songs your kids will enjoy while learning cool dance moves like the Hip-Pop, the Jitterbug, line dances and more!

Kideosyncrasy promotes health, creativity, and offers basic tips on nutrition and exercise. This DVD/video is fun – fun at birthday parties, or just dancin’ around the house! We really hope you enjoy our program! We, as parents, believe that all kids have their own rhythm, their own style, and can find their own beat.

If you would like us to keep you posted about what’s coming up here at Kideosyncrasy.com, please leave us your e-mail address and we’ll be happy to contact you about future DVD/videos, soundtrack CDs, special offers, and contests!

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