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Kideosyncrasy Vol. 2 Awards:
Kideosyncrasy Vol.1 Awards

Kids First CoalitionKIDS FIRST - 2008 Review
Kids First Coalition Endorsement for Quality Children's Media

"Very positive and timely - offering upbeat "dance" routines to kids that incorporates things such as jump ropes and basketballs and shows boys participating as well as girls. The kids onscreen are very authentic and seem to be enjoying themselves. It's a pretty simple, straightforward independent production but something that kids can easily relate to. Plus, it's fun. It is extremely suitable for children, particularly with the interest in dance that's been generated from High School Musical and Dancing with the Stars. So many different types of dance are included, from the jive to the cotton eyed Joe to hip hop. Fun!"

The National Parenting Center
Seal of Approval - Winner Fall 2008

"Fun, inspiring and even educational, Kideosyncrasy is building a brand that really connects with your children. Your child will get up and move like you have never seen before and get a heck of a workout in the process. There are high energy routines that really get the blood pumping and the sweat pouring. The infectious music and visuals kept everyone going. Favorites included the basketball routine and the Hand Jive. One suggestion, pull out some floor mats, you are going to want to have them handy."

Parents Choice - Approved
Review Fall 2008 - Written by: Laura Fries

"Exercise is becoming an endangered species, so says the kids of "Kideosyncrasy." While the movement movement is touted everywhere, this DVD should garner a little more notice than usual because it's real kids talking with other kids about the fun of exercise. "Kideosyncrasy," which touts the motto "getting the world in shape one kid at a time," has an infectious spirit with its entertaining dance and exercise routines set to hip hop and pop music. Here, the kids are careful to explain words thrown about the exercise community like aerobics and endorphins (chemicals that create happy making brains). Health facts are put into clever visual analogies as one girl explains that the body loses the equivalent of 12 cafeteria-sized milk cartons of water on an average day. The dance steps are also thoroughly explained and the choreography is taught slowly. The DVD would be a real home run if the exercise segments were executed the same way. As it is, these routines have no narration or instructions. Pop up bubbles with information is fine, but if viewers don't know the routine, they'll be watching and reading instead of working out. The Hand Jive and Cotton-eyed Joe dances are the most inviting and make a great case for breaking up a day in the classroom to stimulate bodies and brains."

iParenting Awards 2008
Outstanding Product

"One of the most fun and exciting new tools for teaching children to dance and get fit! This DVD is jam-packed with live teaching kids how to easily step into fun dance moves to popular hits like the Hand Jive, the Cotton Eyed Joe, the Kideo Slide Hip- Hop, a basketball routine, Good Lovin, and more! With kids sharing important tips on nutrition and exercise, it promotes health and fitness in an amazingly fun, learning atmosphere."

BooklistBooklist Recommended, November 15, 2008
Written by: Abby Alpert

"This second title in the “how to dance and get fit” series finds energetic elementary school children hosting, dancing, and teaching. Approximately 15 enthusiastic kids introduce themselves and explain the importance of exercise. Five lively dance routines (including the 1950s classic “Hand Jive,” a basketball routine, and a hip hop number) follow the warm up. Each dance is performed on stage. The steps are then broken down and repeated twice by the dancers. Colorful captions accompany the verbal step-by-step instructions and numerous pop-up bubbles supply information about nutrition and exercise. Special features include behind-the-scenes footage and an option to download two songs. Although the dance is not repeated again following the instructions and the design is somewhat busy, this is a good choice for youth fitness collections."

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